Hey, I'm Efe!

I love learning about computer science and math!

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A Little About Me

Picture of me!

Figure 1.1: Me!

I am currently a sophomore at the University of Michigan College of Engineering, and I am majoring in computer science! I am also an IA for EECS 281, which I think is the best CS class at Michigan (although I might be a little biased).

You might also know me from the M-Bus app (which is technically both a non-profit and an NGO). I made this app to make getting to class easier for me and my friends, and next thing I knew, over 17,000 people were using it.

These days, I am working on coming up with fun apps and programs to play around with. I will also be spending next summer learning all about trading in Chicago!

Stuff I Made

Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror

It's a smart mirror! About a year ago, I thought it would be really cool to make my own smart mirror from scratch – software and hardware. So, I decided to see if I could build the mirror for less money and with fewer tools. The answer was yes! The mirror works by using a device that outputs to a recycled monitor behind the glass. The glass has a one-way mirror film on it to give the mirror effect. I manually cut all of the wood because I didn’t have electric tools, so some of the structure came out a bit uneven. This was my first real introduction to woodworking, and I think it came out good despite that. The software is a web page served by an Angular server and a Node.js backend. The backend also has Spotify integration. A Raspberry Pi works well as the video input, but anything that can display a webpage also works. In the end, the project helped me develop my woodworking and IOT skills, and I ended up with a pretty cool mirror.

Team 3322 Scouting App

Team 3322 Scouting App

This is a scouting application I created during my time as scouting app lead on FRC Team 3322. I worked with two other people to create the application. The app itself is a responsive web application created in React for the frontend, Node.js for the backend, and Firebase’s Firestore for our database. The app has two main components — data entry and data viewing. The data entry allows a scouter to add a new team in a new match and enter data in sections separated by game period. The scouter can then save this data for later viewing. The data viewer uses the Chart.js framework to display data. The client can pull data for different matches and view statistics for that team. These statistics are then displayed in expandable cards that give an overview of how a team is performing. A big problem we faced was making the website responsive for different devices, and so we used the Material-UI framework’s responsive grid system for our website.

Onion Connoisseur

Onion Connoisseur

I created this project with my friend as our final project for SI 206 (Data-Oriented Programming) at the University of Michgian. The algorithm uses a neural network to determine wheter an article is satire or not. You can find source code on our GitHub repository and more information on the project on our project report.